cd-thief Thief in The Night , Philo/Fretless 1977 LP only
"speaks with the poetic richness of Perrault the poet." -- Concord Monitor
LPs are $10 

New Hampshire , Fishtraks 1981 LP & Cassette
"Luminous heartfelt folk songs." -- Sweet Potato

Click to play the track "Chocorua"

LPs are $10 
Cassette: $10;  

Tenants in Common , Fishtraks, 1984 LP & Cassette
"A collection of Perrault's musical poems." -- Rockingham Gazette

Click to play the track "Sonny's Back"

LPs are $10 
Cassette: $10;  

Country Matters , Rockweed, 1988/1995 CD & Cassette
"Flat out the best record to come from the Northeast in at least two years."
    --Face Magazine

Click to play the track "Ballad of the Squalus"

Cassette: $10;
CD $15.00

Before You Go , Rockweed, 1997 CD & Cassette
"A haunting work of art." -- Jam Music Magazine

Click to play the track "Wounded Knee"

Cassette: $10;
CD $15.00
cd-roughcuts Rough Cuts, * Rockweed, 1998 CD & Cassette

"Perrault delivers a collection of vivid, melancholy, gritty, folk/country tales
that transcend the genre. A fine, fine album" --Northeast Performer
* Finalist, Crossroads Magazine Music Awards.

Click to play the track "Lucky Jim"

CD - $15.00
Cassette: $10;

 Ballad of Louis Wagner , Rockweed, 2003 CD
"These spare, lovely tunes sound like they've been dug up out of the rocky New England soil; they're organic to the place." -- Portsmouth Times

Click to play the track "The Ballad of Louis Wagner"

CD - $15.00
Jefferson's Dream Jefferson's Dream, Rockweed, 2009 CD
Eight historical ballads are taken from the forthcoming book Jefferson’s Dream by John Perrault. Focusing on the Declaration’s preamble as our founding
creed, Jefferson’s Dream is a meditation on eight great Americans whose
lives manifest the principles of the Declaration – whose lives make clear
the courage it takes to be free. The book will include lyrics and musical
transcriptions for all eight ballads.
Click to play the track "Abe Lincoln Walks at Midnight"
CD - $15.00
john perrault rock and root 

Dear Friends,

My new CD, Rock and Root,* is a mix of mostly cross-grained songs I’ve written and recorded since 1977. Eighteen tunes (eight new ones) focused on the art of paying attention—to your neighbor, government, planet, self.

I’m fortunate to have support from a top flight of New England musicians & singers on various tracks, including Joyce Andersen, Harvey Reid, Cormac McCarthy, Craig Werth, Susie Burke, Mike Rogers, Ellie May Shufro, Barbara London, Jim MacDougall, Leslie Van Berkum, and others.

(When you see the cover, you’ll know the foundation’s solid—it’s a shot of a mind-full worker in a Tennessee quarry by Charter Weeks.)CD Baby is now carrying it, along with all its affiliates. But it’s still available at discount right now for $10 (plus $2 packaging and postage), with check made out to:“Rock Weed Music/Publishing” at PO Box 329, No. Hampton, NH 03862. (Ten bucks for 78 minutes of music—56 cents a song—can’t go wrong.)

“Carbon the Garden” is on it. You can check it out on YouTube if you click right here-- on the blue: Please pass the link on if you’re of mind.

In Poetry & Song,


Purchase from CD Baby Now.



New tune for the times up on You Tube:

Can fall be far behind?

Please pass it on if you’re of mind.






“If you call yourself a poet, sing it, don’t state it…” --Lawrence Ferlinghetti

CD Release Concert at Deerfield Coffeehouse, Deerfield NH Town Hall:

JP with Barbara London & Michael Rogers along with the Deerfield House Band, Benjamin, Saturday, Nov. 9, 7:30 pm. Tickets and info: Reservations advised: - E-mail at (e-mail is best to get a confirmation). If you don’t have e-mail you can call at 463-9804.There are no ‘physical tickets’, just call to reserve then pay at the door. If you change your mind, you can let us know. The cost is $15.00/adult ($7.00/child) which includes food, drinks and entertainment.